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Experience 360 provides an opportunity to enhance social experiences through an engaging and fun full service photo booth. Experience 360 services include a photo experience designed specifically for the client’s event or social gathering. The 360 Experience helps boost any social experience and leave guests with a memorable interactive keepsake. We're committed to customer satisfaction providing the best service to the best people.  We’re a team of dedicated professionals with a genuine desire to ensure that your experience with us is easy, convenient, and satisfying.

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How It Works

Experience 360 brings a new level of fun to any social gathering. Through this octagon shaped photo stand guests can drop their favorite pose or dance with a friend while the camera circles them, providing a 360 degree image of the fun.

Guests will feel like superstars as they stand and the camera spins around them clicking photos and videos from every angle.

The fun takes a few moments, the memories will last forever. Every guests will leave with an interactive keep sake of the night, with them as the star.

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